Burgers and Fries with a Side of a Trademark Lawsuit

In-N-Out, the popular California burger chain, sued Puma for trademark infringement. Why would a sports apparel retailer initiate an IP battle against a fast food chain?

Puma collaborated with streetwear designer Mike Cherman and released sneakers branded ‘Cali-0 Drive Thru’ and ‘California Drive Thru’. The sneakers were simple white leather low-tops with a red trim on the bottom and laces with a palm tree pattern.

From Taco Tuesday to Sunday Brunch, restaurants fight over trademarks

Foodie trademark law is a brutal world, in which even the most basic culinary gimmick has probably already been claimed and protected by unforgiving law, from the “Ham N’ Egger” to “Eggs Benny.”

News that a large restaurant franchise conglomerate has threatened a small Tex-Mex cantina in Calgary with a lawsuit for illegally using the trademark “Taco Tuesday” has shone a rare light into the murky world of intellectual property law for foodies.

License to Bill – Properly Licensing a Trademark

Your brand is booming and your business is a huge success. You need a business expansion plan, or to sell to someone who can execute one. You don’t want to sell. You are not ready to franchise. What options do you have?

Many brand owners decide to license their trademarks to third parties as a means to grow.