Franchises are complex business arrangements in a highly-regulated area of law that require analysis from experienced advisors before agreements are signed. If you are considering developing a franchise system or becoming a franchisee, you can count on Wises for the professional advice and strategic guidance you need.

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If you are contemplating buying a franchise, you are likely attracted by the value of the established brand, and by the training and support that might be on offer. On the other hand, it is a big commitment. Make sure to see us as soon as you receive the franchisor's disclosure document, if not before. We know our way around franchise law and business practices, and the sooner you engage with us, the more we can help. We will also team up with your accountants to review the financial prospects for your business and discern whether it is likely to live up to your expectations.

Whether as potential franchisor or franchisee, professional advice is the essential first step to success.

For existing businesses, developing a franchise system can be an effective way to your business to the next level. For restaurants and other businesses which have limited capacity per unit and need outside funding for expansion, franchising offers the opportunity to access the human and financial capital that can move your business forward. Wises is ready to advise you whether franchising is the right model for your company, and to be a strategic ally in designing and documenting your franchise system. We will stand by your side every step of the way to see your franchise business succeed.