Business Transactions

As your business grows and develops, it will enter into strategic business relationships and transactions. Wises will be a responsive and sage advisor that will guide your business through the planning and execution of these matters so your business can move to the next level with ease.

Need help navigating the sometimes rocky terrain of
business transactions?

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Buying a Business

Looking to acquire another organization? Contact us as early as possible in the process to get the most effective support. Many of our clients tell us they wish they had brought us onboard earlier, and certainly before any agreement was signed.

Selling a Business

Selling a business is a complex and consuming process that demands an experienced team of professionals. Wises is ready to be your key legal advisor in planning and executing the transfer of your business.

Commercial Agreements

Need to turn that handshake deal into a documented agreement? With our experience in drafting, your business agreements run more smoothly. Wises is ready to represent your company in a wide range of transactions. If your business engages in the same type of transaction on a frequent basis, we can work with you to develop template agreements for sales, intellectual property licensing, distribution and other commercial activities, allowing your business to run like clockwork.

Employment Agreements

Employees are the engine that makes your business go. Employment agreements are unique and need special care and attention. Our expertise allows us to balance your company’s needs with the rights of your staff, your desire to be a fair employer, and your need to attract the best people.