Burgers and Fries with a Side of a Trademark Lawsuit

In-N-Out, the popular California burger chain, sued Puma for trademark infringement. Why would a sports apparel retailer initiate an IP battle against a fast food chain?

Puma collaborated with streetwear designer Mike Cherman and released sneakers branded ‘Cali-0 Drive Thru’ and ‘California Drive Thru’. The sneakers were simple white leather low-tops with a red trim on the bottom and laces with a palm tree pattern.

Madrid Protocol: The Need for a Canadian Trademark Agent

Now that Canada is the 104th member of the Madrid System, it is integral that non-Canadian business owners understand the importance of retaining the appropriate Canadian trademark practitioner for their matter. Wises has the capacities of both a trademark lawyer and registered trademark agent, offering you a full range of trademark services.

Location, Location, Location – The issue of descriptiveness in Canadian Trademark Applications

Can you register the name HOLLYWOOD for films and entertainment services? What about MUNICH for beer and pretzels? A resident of Haliburton recently registered the trademark HALIBURTON in association with various goods, causing much debate and controversy amongst the local government officials – particularly in light of recent case law in Canadian trademark law.

Staying Onside with FIFA: Trademarks and the World Cup

The World Cup attracts some of the biggest brand name sponsors in the world including Adidas, MacDonald’s, Sony and Budweiser.   FIFA official partners reportedly pay $20-50 million per event to take part as sponsors in the World Cup. This year the total financial contributions to FIFA by the 20 official business partners of the World Cup reached an estimated $1.4 billion.

A Wise Choice – New all-encompassing Trademark and Brand Protection Services from WISES

Effective brand development and protection goes far beyond trademark registration.  Intellectual property rights are just one element of a brand.  As a business operator, you must the elements of your brand that you have secured legal rights to are the same elements that resonate with the market.